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If you are considering a surprise marriage proposal  Cappadocia is a fantastic place for it


As a professional photographer who has done hundreds of marriage proposal photo shoots

 I have some advice for you.

  • In Cappadocia, the best idea for a marriage proposal is to tell your partner that you'll be doing a short photoshoot to capture the moment. This way, your partner can dress up in their favorite outfit, do their makeup, and make any other preparations they want. I plan to take photos in the Love Valley, our second location, so that I can give you instructions on how to pose in front of the camera at the first location and get you ready for the second one. While I'm taking solo shots of your partner, you can approach from behind and make the proposal. This way, we'll have all the technical details sorted for photography, and we can capture each moment individually. I'm leaving a behind-the-scenes footage below for better understanding. Make sure to watch it.

I'm leaving behind-the-scenes videos as examples for you to watch


Why do I not recommend using decorations or 'marry me' signs?

In photography, the most fundamental rule is simplicity, and the phrase "less is more" perfectly captures this essence. Alongside simplicity, all artificial elements used in a photograph tend to lose their appeal over time and can even start to look odd in the picture. What's popular now may not be so appealing in the future; your children might even question the need for such elements when they look back at the photos. But simplicity, on the other hand, never goes out of style. It's the one thing that will always stand the test of time.


Moreover, when we set up these elaborate scenes, we essentially lock in the shooting location. If the wind happens to blow in the wrong direction, those hot air balloons won't align as expected, leading to a shot without balloons but with an awkward arch. To ensure we capture the perfect moment for your marriage proposal, we need to be flexible and able to follow the balloons in real-time. Unfortunately, once these setups are in place, changing their position becomes nearly impossible.


Lastly, Cappadocia is enchanting on its own. With its fairy chimneys, valleys, and hundreds of hot air balloons dotting the sky during sunrise, it creates a dreamlike atmosphere. You won't need any extra setups; a photo of you kneeling with the ring in hand tells a story much more powerful than any elaborate setup ever could.


Remember, less is more

  •  Make sure to bring a small backpack with you to the photo shoot, as you wouldn't want the engagement ring box bulging in your pocket. :)

Cappadocia Photographer photographer in cappadocia.jpeg

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Are you looking for a stunning way to propose to your significant other? A Cappadocia proposal is the perfect way to make your proposal extra special and memorable. Photographer in Cappadocia offers a range of services to help you turn your proposal into a dream come true.

Cappadocia is one of the most romantic places in Turkey and offers a truly unique and breathtaking backdrop to any proposal. Its dramatic landscapes, unique rock formations, and colorful hot air balloons make it a truly special place to pop the question. With the help of Photographer in Cappadocia, you can make sure your proposal is extra special and perfectly tailored to you and your partner.

Photographer in cappadocia will help you create the perfect proposal setting. They will work with you to find the best landscape and perfect hot air balloon to ensure you have the perfect setting for your proposal. We can also provide you with an array of props to make the moment even more special and memorable.

Once you have the perfect backdrop, we can help you plan the timing and order of the proposal. We will make sure that everything is perfect and that you have plenty of time to set up the scene and express your love.

The photos taken by our team will be stunning and will capture all of the special moments of your proposal. They will also be a beautiful reminder of the special moment for years to come. We also offer videos to further capture the emotion of your special day.

Photographer in Cappadocia is passionate about helping couples to create beautiful, romantic proposals that they will remember for the rest of their lives. We understand the importance of capturing this special moment and we strive to create a truly magical experience that you and your partner will cherish forever.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect way to make your proposal extra special, then a Cappadocia proposal with Photographer in Cappadocia is the perfect choice. Contact us today to start planning your special day.

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