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The Top 4 Locations in Cappadocia for Photo Session

Even though Cappadocia is a small town, I can say it has a dream-like appearance. With its unique nature, fairy chimneys, 1000-year-old churches, caves, vast valleys, and, of course, the spectacle of nearly 200 hot air balloons flying during sunrise, it makes you feel like you're in the heart of paradise.


As a photographer working in Cappadocia for many years, I will recommend three places for you to capture unforgettable photos.


During the photo shoot session, transportation between your hotel and the shooting locations is included in the price."


Let's get started.

1- Hot Air Balloon Takeoff Points

 Before sunrise, the balloon ground crew starts preparing, entering a light situation known as twilight, a time when there is enough light for photography but before the sun rises. We photographers call this light the "blue hour." Balloons are prepared, the light reaches the desired level, and the balloons take off. Here, the balloons fly so close to the ground that you may need to bend during the shoot. The proximity of the balloons and filling the frame with the grandeur of these large balloons (the size of a 5-story building) means capturing a moment with a simple pose I've taught you before (you'll become an expert in posing after the shoot). I can already imagine showing this photo to your grandchildren 20 years from now.

2- Love Valley


 The enchanting Love Valley is what makes Cappadocia magical, especially when bathed in the golden light of sunrise and adorned with hundreds of colorful hot air balloons in the sky. While shooting here, I try to utilize multiple points. As the balloons float in the sky, we capture photos filled with numerous fairy chimney formations in the valley. By the time you visit, you'll have already mastered more complex poses than simple ones. For example, poses like the lean and deep kiss or the lift and turn. Don't worry; I'll teach you each one step by step. This location will be our most used one.

3- Caves or Churches


After shooting in the first two locations, the light intensity gradually increases, indicating harsher light. Since I don't enjoy shooting in harsh light, I start using indoor locations. Cappadocia has numerous caves and ancient churches, providing us with the opportunity to create incredibly cinematic photos. By this point, many of my clients start posing without waiting for directions, and all I have to do is press the shutter button.Metninizi buraya girin.

4- Wild Horse Location (40 minutes away from Cappadocia)


 This is my favorite spot as a professional photographer. Around 300 wild horses run freely, creating an atmosphere of pure excitement. You might even hear shouts of joy from me in that moment when the horses are running, and a cloud of dust fills the air. What I see through the viewfinder is truly priceless to me. People from all around the world come here to capture shots with these horses, and many snippets for advertisements, movies, and series are taken from this location. It's a suitable spot only for shooting during sunset, providing about an hour of golden light, and the 15 minutes of blue light, also known as twilight, after the sun has set. As a photographer, I can confidently say that a great location is crucial for a good photograph, and this marvelous location with the wild horses is exactly that.

I must mention one more thing; many clients who have had photoshoots with the wild horses express that it's not just about taking a photograph; it's a unique experience that they can only live once in their lifetime. If you want to delve into the depths of Cappadocia and experience this excitement, I highly recommend capturing moments with the wild horses. Just Diamond Package Included Wild horses Photoshoot.

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